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Ok, so the in-store team right now is just me

But that isn't going to stop me from putting on all the pictures of my dogs, past and present,  who taught me everything I learned to get to this point!!

Our Team


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    Like many, I had never heard of a thrift store for pet supplies before. One day I was driving behind a thrift store truck that advertises how their proceeds go towards an animal rescue. I thought ," How wonderful, but it would be cooler if they took in pet items." Once I had thought that I knew I had to try to make that a reality.     I have always been an animal person. My dad was allergic to cats so our family had dogs. When I got older and left home to live on my own, it didn’t really seem like home until I got a dog of my own. Of course that changed my world in a way that I didn’t expect. It wasn’t just a dog to fill the home, it was MY dog -  my responsibility, my active companion, my couch snuggle buddy, and my love. It was for her that I bought a house and it was for her that I found the wonderful job of dog walking and pet sitting. It was through my dog business that I got to meet and sadly had to say goodbye to many wonderful animals. After a lot of sad goodbyes, some of the pet parents had their animal’s precious items that they couldn’t bear to throw away but didn’t need to keep. So I took it and used it or found someone who need it. It was nice to be able to do that and when I had my idea, I couldn't wait to do it on a bigger scale. It encompassed many of the ideas that I appreciate. Recycling… reusing items that a pet once loved or just sniffed their nose at and walked away from( which always ended up being something expensive or something ordered from a catalog!!). And even better, helping out the animal lovers who just can’t afford that brand new item and don’t want their pet to suffer for it. 

   I'm very excited to say that my store is filled with all kinds of animal items. From dog and cat things to bird and fish items. Many wonderful people have donated all kinds of still useful and needed items. I try to keep Facebook up to date with the unusual or the the high demand products. Once I become more established I plan on giving back to the animal community the same way that truck had advertised their thrift store does and I can't wait!!


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Our Team

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